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They're Trying to Imagine a Black Dude, Obviously

Queer #1: Charles, look, there’s another one. He’s white, and the other looks Asian. Holds up large signs that say “6” and “4,” respectively. Queer #2: Definitely!
Queer #1: Oh, wow. Look at this one. Latino. Yummmm! Holds up sign that says “9.” Queer #2: Oh, yes. Totally!
Straight girl, walking by: What are you two doing? Comparing guys’ looks?
Queer #1: Uhh…
Queer #2: Breeder, please. The Asian guy is a 4, the white guy is a 6, and the Latino guy a 9. What do you think we’re trying to imagine? –Sunset Beach, Florida Overheard by: MangoJoe

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[Sigh] I Jack Off to Ideas a Lot

30-ish guy #1: I see you’re sporting the side ponytail.
30-ish girl: Just for you!
30-ish guy #2: Yeah, I bet you’re gonna jack off to that side ponytail.
30-ish guy #1: No! I jack off to the idea of the side ponytail. They’re coming back, I tell ya! –Summerfest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Overheard by: the only sober person there

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