Overheard At The Beach 2016-09-24T00:12:37Z http://www.overheardatthebeach.com/feed/atom/ WordPress beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[Still Doesn't Explain Ted Kennedy, Though]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=1563 2016-09-24T00:12:37Z 2016-09-24T00:12:37Z Girl #1: Things happen for a reason, you know.
Girl #2: Yeah… It's probably good that I'm not rich. If I were rich, I'd be such a bitch!
Girl #1: Oh, I know! I'd still love you, but you'd be a total bitch.
Girl #2: Ugh… I can just hear me now: (total val voice) I'm going shopping! (normal voice) Ugh… My dad would spoil me.
Girl #1: I know! My dad too!
Girl #2: Our dads are too nice!
Girl #1: Maybe that's why god made them poor.
Girl #2: Yeah… He knew we'd be terrible people. –Nathan's, Coney Island, New York Overheard by: Wondering if I sound like this to other people

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[You Must Be at Least This Smart to Go Near the Water]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=1546 2016-09-23T00:00:17Z 2016-09-23T00:00:17Z Tourist mom: Can you rent a boat at the lake down there?
Employee: Um, no. And that's the Pacific ocean. –Coffee Shop, Carmel Beach, California

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[But Then, So Have I]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=808 2016-09-21T23:54:28Z 2016-09-21T23:54:28Z Man on cell: I know — she’s been a proper cunt since she got cancer. –Freshwater West, Pembroke, Wales Overheard by: Withy

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[Homeschooling: The Dark Side.]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=1813 2016-09-20T23:39:27Z 2016-09-20T23:39:27Z Little city boy chasing seagull on the beach: Come here, you flying chicken!
Mom: That is not a chicken, that is a pigeon or something!
Little boy: I said come here, come here, you chicken head! –Seaside, Oregon

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[Her Friends Call Her "Inconvenient Ruth"]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=758 2016-09-19T23:20:41Z 2016-09-19T23:20:41Z Seven-year-old girl with net, shouting to friend and running to the water: Come on, Meghan! This is a humongous scientific emergency! –Wellfleet, Massachusetts

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[Dude, I Think She's Advertising!]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=1004 2016-09-18T23:13:44Z 2016-09-18T23:13:44Z Preteen boy #1, whispering to pal: Dude! Look at that girl lying over there. Her bikini’s pulled up so tight it’s up in her snatch.
Preteen boy #2, whispering back: Quiet… Damn!
Preteen boy #1: What’s that sticking out?
Preteen boy #2: I think it’s hair, dude.
Preteen boy #1: They got hair down there?
[they high-five each other]
Preteen boy #1: It’s kind of gross and cool at the same time. –Padre Island, Texas

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[Won't They Suffocate?]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=1816 2016-09-17T23:12:57Z 2016-09-17T23:12:57Z Girl #1: So I remembered to raise my eyebrows in the picture… Hey, want to see? (pulls out driver's license).
Girl #2: I just leave mine in the car.
Girl #1: Your eyebrows? –Hartford, Wisconsin Overheard by: Eating icecream at the time

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[In His Prison Locker]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=216 2016-09-16T23:03:52Z 2016-09-16T23:03:52Z Niece: I can’t find my underwear!
Uncle: Maybe it’s with my wedding ring. –Rio Del Mar Beach, California

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[You Know about That?]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=776 2016-09-15T22:56:38Z 2016-09-15T22:56:38Z Guy to pal: Dude, I am pissed. When we were at your mom’s house the other night, she didn’t even give me a taco. That is horse shit. My mom always gives you a taco. –Belmar, New Jersey

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[It's a Journey, Not a Destination]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=160 2016-09-14T22:50:55Z 2016-09-14T22:50:55Z Girl #1: And she was like, “Is it too blonde?”
Girl #2: Ah! Like, you can never be too blonde!
Girl #1: Exactly. –Los Angeles, California Overheard by: J.J.