Guess Mommy's Never Seen a Real Woman

Woman to friend: Look at that woman. She so fat, we should call Greenpeace to roll her back in the ocean.
Little girl passing by fat woman: My mommy says Greenpeace should roll you back into the ocean! –Zandvoort, Netherlands Overheard by: Linda

First Of All, She Needs a Stripper Pole…

Father to 14-month-old daughter: Can daddy get a table dance?”
(toddler starts to bounce up and down)
Mother, taking daughter from father's arms: No, because she wants to give her mama a lap dance!
Disgusted uncle: This is so wrong on so many levels… –Doheny State Beach, Dana Point, California Overheard by: Glad I'm related by marriage

Portrait of the Stenographer as a Young Girl

Young teen girl: Hey, Mom, Dad told me to ask you, and I’m quoting him, to ‘Please leave a couple of drinks for him before your fat ass hogs them all.’
Mom: Tell your father that he had better be nicer to me or else I’m going to leave his ass for a sexy Latin man named Esteban… again. And you can quote me on that! –Del Mar, California Overheard by: Jess the Pirate

Knowledge Just Interferes with the Wonder of It All

Chick #1: You can see Venezuela on a clear day from here.
Chick #2: Really?! I would love to go to Venezuela — I hear it’s a really nice island.
Chick #1: Um… Island as in South America…?
Chick #2: It’s right off of South America, right?
Chick #1: I guess you should have paid attention in geography class.
Chick #2: What does math have to do with it? –Aruba Overheard by: Erin from New York

She's at the Great Beach in the Sky, Sweetie

Foreign single father: So, are you guys having fun at the beach?
Son: Actually, yeah — it’s fun.
Foreign single father: Next time, have positive attitude from the start.
Son: No, that was ’cause before when you said, ‘Let’s go to the beach,’ I thought we were gonna visit Mom. –Lake Erie, Ontario, Canadia Overheard by: native english speaker